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Technology for deskless employees. How to respond to their needs to really make their work easier?

We all agree that technology makes work easier and more organised. Ideally, it brings nothing but benefits. However, often it turns out that it also involves numerous difficulties. Technology is a great way to empower deskless employees because most of the solutions are designed to support only office workers. Deskless employees’ needs are completely different […]

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Total digital transformation at one of Poland’s largest health and beauty chain stores

Over 1,500 completed tasks per day, collecting the current financial results of an area in half an hour and replacing pin boards with touch screen TVs. The larger the organisation, the greater the need for and scale of digitisation. In terms of our client, the change process was really extensive and involved tasks at many […]

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7 simple ways to minimise operational spending [Video]

Minimising operational spending is something everybody is facing when running a company. Small amounts spent on many expenses can add up to quite a large amount. Find out what advices we have in this area.  We would like to present 7 ways you can limit the operational spending in your company and one actual use […]

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Are you sure you know how to efficiently monitor food safety?

A modern task management application can be used to regularly collect, organise and store data in one system. Thanks to advanced technology, it offers a wide range of functionalities from automatically sending scheduled reminders to reading data from thermometers or other devices and informing the user only when necessary. It’s the most efficient way to […]

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Everything you should know about the technology improving in-store operations

Efficiency is a keyword in business. In every industry the goal is to improve the outcome of work at a minimal cost. For companies with many deskless employees (like in retail) a good way to do this is to implement digital tools such as task management mobile applications. Retail operations are a very broad concept […]

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Why are digital checklists much more than just going paperless?

Checklists are crucial in many industries. They cover daily routines and ensure safety, consistency and standards. However, traditional paper checklists come with many limitations. An overwhelming amount of paperwork is not the only reason why your company should switch to digital checklists as soon as possible.

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Does the digital transformation of the public sector require courage? [Video]

Does the digital transformation of the public sector require courage? What challenges await companies that decide to take part? On the one hand - projects worth millions, on the other hand - prolonged decision-making processes, dispersed responsibilities and a lot of inviolable rules. Our CEO Sebastian Starzyński was one of the guests of the Business […]

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The role of TakeTask in launching the “Home Quarantine Monitoring”​ application

TakeTask has created the “Home Quarantine Monitoring” application for the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Quick implementation of the system, as well as swiftly adapting to the current conditions is a response to social needs and above all, to the crisis situation which Poles find themselves in. Other countries are also interested in TakeTask’s solution. “We […]

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Rapid response is essential. How can retail chains ensure safety and enforce new procedures during a pandemic?

A major challenge for retail chains is to now immediately implement new cleaning and hygiene procedures, which are being tightened on a daily basis. At the same time, stores must show the maximum care for the safety of staff and customers. In addition, they are increasing the efficiency of e-commerce sales channels. All these processes can be […]

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How to Hack WebSummit and Talk to 100 Investors

Every year at WebSummit I approach about 250 investors and that way acquire 90-120 positive investor leads. This is how I got my last seed investor, who will also lead our next round. So how is it possible? Let me share some tips with you. Which Investors You Need to Skip You need to think about raising money […]

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