& Tidiness

Reporting of ad-hoc needs, procedures facilitation, incidents reporting…

Reporting of ad-hoc needs

Employees can report an ad-hoc requirement such as a need for repair or cleaning services. Our app allows users to make sure all cleanliness and hygiene standards are fulfilled.
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Procedures facilitation

The TakeTask system reminds and ensures that procedures are carried out properly and it’s supported with real-time reporting. All data are digitised instantly.

Incidents reporting

Monitoring products expiration dates and recording of losses. Employees can either take a picture, video or record audio depending on their situation.
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Real life example: Cleanliness & Tidiness 


Everyday duties like opening and closing of the stores contain a lot of small tasks that need to be remembered and conducted on fixed time slots. They also have to be honestly reported.

After implementing TakeTask:

Replacing paper forms with the application helps to organise and prioritise work as well as prevent duplication of tasks on the store level. Managers can create ad-hoc tasks in the mobile app for store employees based on the current situation at the stores (e.g. keeping order in the store during the sales, stock replenishment after opening hours). Head Offices gain real-time control over the performance of each task, which raises the standards of cleanliness throughout the entire chain of stores.


Our application is used by many satisfied clients.

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