Sebastian Starzyński

Sebastian Starzyński

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Serial entrepreneur with 23 years of experience. Owner of ABR SESTA - a 35-employee market research agency, an expert in gamification and collaborative economy, a futurist and frequent speaker at business conferences.

A volcano of positive energy, full of ideas every day, sales expert and excellent CEO. He is hardworking and very goal-oriented. He is a perfect example of an erudite, who have read all the books out there (we don’t know when because he is always working).

Marek Mróz

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Manager with 13 years of experience in the telecommunications & IT industry, managed R&D and IT in telecommunication companies and software houses. A follower of new technologies and online marketing.

The most understanding, calm and balanced person we know. He is not only a great leader, but also a man of renaissance. He knows the tech stuff, he can edit videos, design a website and do a marketing campaign. He surprises us with his wide knowledge every day.
Marek Mróz

Our team

The team is our main strength and since 2017 we are constantly growing. Our team was 4 at the end of 2018, now there are 25 of us. Everyone performs their tasks based on knowledge, experience and individual abilities, but pursuing a common goal. Our mission is to help enterprises to simplify management of their tasks. We have clear goal and hire employees passionate about it.

MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose)

Adding value to human labour through digitisation.

We believe in the power of technology to transform the modern workplace and make it both more employer-friendly and effective.

Organisational culture

In our organization, we aim for the Win-Win-Win principle. This is what we do and what we believe in.

WIN - Goal Orientation

Goal focused but opened for different routes -
Smart risk brings innovation and growth - learn from mistakes, gain from change, the riskiest thing is not to take risks
Be open-minded and proactive - observe the needs and competition and act but do not lose the focused
Take a proper perspective - do not optimise for short-term gains

WIN - Strong Team

The best idea wins - be proactive and come up with ideas - everyone can have an impact on the company’s growth
Give feedback and ask for it - appreciate colleagues or give constructive criticism when needed - regardless of role age or experience
Be part of the team - help and support each other in our daily work and in improving ourselves
Build a positive atmosphere - respect (for diversity), empathy and trust are the priority, good mood and humour are also welcome

WIN - Happy Employee

Great people do great things - the company’s core value is satisfied, quality people
Keeping the work-life balance - remember about flexible working hours and that overtime is not required
Encouraging perfection and growth - the company is growing so do the job expectations
Regular team building - take the time to stop and get to know your colleagues