Prices & promotions monitoring

Regular procedures execution and ad-hoc needs...

Competition fuel prices monitoring

Fully digitised competitors’ fuel prices monitoring using real-time OCR combined with image recognition (based on machine learning). Gathering data is faster, more accurate and more reliable (GPS and time stamp).


Full overview of prices and their implementation...
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Promotional activity execution

Facilitation of regular or ad-hoc promotional activity. All data is digitised and available for analytics, tax purposes or as a basis for settlements with suppliers.

Real life example: Fuel prices monitoring 


Fuel prices change constantly and influence clients’ choices. Too high prices decrease the traffic and effect sales. On the other hand, prices too low decrease the margin. Thus, a constant need to monitor competitors’ prices.

Switch from the traditional pen & paper or photo capture competition price monitoring to a fully digitised method of gathering data which is faster, more accurate and altogether more reliable.

After implementing TakeTask:

The TakeTask mobile app uses Real-time OCR combined with Real-time image recognition (based on machine learning) to record prices automatically.


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