Project management facilitation

Setup of project templates, measurement of project’s progress...

Setup of project templates 

Creating project templates that are identical to all the micro-processes running simultaneously for any industry e.g. seasonal VM implementation, category management or store renovation.
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Measurement of project’s progress

Our system allows users to see the progress on a single project level and provides a recurring projects status overview.

Real life example: 
Installing a machine in the production hall


Companies often struggle with a lack of an up-to-date, easy-accessible and detailed overview of all running micro-projects. Multiple management and communication tools (Excel, e-mail, phone, paper forms) are used simultaneously which causes desorganisation whereas documentation for each repetitive micro-project should be created consistently.

After implementing TakeTask:

The first step is to create a template with milestones and a set of tasks for each project (e.g. preparation of documentation, submission of necessary applications, investment progress reports, launching maintenance procedures). Assignments and control of task execution is automated by TakeTask. Then execution of individual tasks is confirmed and documented in the system (e.g. photos, document scans, forms with parameters). It provides easy access to data and an overview of the progress of all projects.


Our application is used by many satisfied clients.

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