Food safety

Regular procedures execution, notification of ad-hoc needs...

Regular food safety procedures execution (e.g. HACCP)

TakeTask software provides constant data collection reminding and ensures that procedures are carried out properly (e.g. with digital checklists) with real-time reporting. All data are digitised instantly.

Notification of ad-hoc needs

Employees can report the ad-hoc requirement such as a lack of some products.

Incidents recording

Monitoring products expiration dates and recording of losses in the mobile app. Employees can either take a picture, video or audio recording, depending on the situation.
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Real life example: Food Safety (HACCP) 


Food safety is a priority for any food processing facility, especially when it comes to raw ingredients such as meat and dairy products. It is important to control temperatures, expiry dates, cleanliness of the environment and employees. Documentation of compliance must be prepared according to quality standards e.g. HACCP.

Poor food safety control can be an issue due to lack of sufficient number of employees, unawareness of procedures by new employees or lack of time to regularly check the hazard points. Filling-in the quality compliance forms e.g. HACCP is time consuming.

After implementing TakeTask:

TakeTask mobile application allows employees to access procedures and instructions as well as easily register critical points for food safety. Our real time text recognition feature allows to speed up and increase the accuracy of the recording of used or spoiled ingredients. The headquarters have constant insight into the level of food safety standards compliance. The system generates weekly HACCP reports and documentation for external controllers.


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