and logistics

Checklists, delivery confirmation, maintenance…


Easy confirmation of delivery including checking its completeness, condition, quality (e.g. noticing spoiled food) or temperature. TakeTask also automatically handles the processes of complaints, returns, damages and losses.
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Warehouse operations

Warehouse operations

Optimisation of checklists, barcode scanning or equipment technical condition checks in one app. Digitising paper forms and different recurring or ad-hoc tasks.


Facilitation of maintenance procedures of warehouse equipment and vehicles. Providing self-service repair procedures after spotting equipment failure and malfunction notification form for external service teams.

Ad-hoc and scheduled tasks

Sudden events require a non-routine response but employees do not always remember all the procedures. TakeTask provides access to detailed guidelines and structured communication with more experienced employees. It also allows you to schedule recurring tasks.

Real-time overview of results

Comprehensive overview of daily recurring and ad-hoc operations. Audits, self-audits and other tasks' progress is displayed on clear dashboards showing execution level of store and other teams performance. Real-time monitoring of progress and compliance with the standards enables fast reactions regardless of managers’ location.
Real-time overview of results

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