Crisis management

Fast public services reactions in crisis situations...

Fast public services reactions in crisis situations

The TakeTask system can help in many different crisis situations. We have use cases with social services, police and more.
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Integration and optimisation of systems

Our app allows users to contact outsourced call center numbers, so the users of the app could get support in emergency situations. Additionally we integrate with data.

Real life example: Home quarantine monitoring


Supporting services in the field of management and the control of people under mandatory home quarantine during COVID-19 crisis.

Selecting the people who were in quarantine by the data collected on the border crossing points.

After implementing TakeTask:

App access is limited to people who are recognised by the system as visible in their official database.

The Police are now able to concentrate activity on people breaching the quarantine instead of controlling them daily. A few times per day, a person in quarantine would receive a task to confirm their GPS location by taking a picture of themselves. Our app uses facial recognition, so the cheating possibility is reduced to a minimum. All breaches of quarantine regulations are reported to the Police immediately.

Deliveries of food and essential supplies are possible thanks to our app. Citizens in need can fill-out a quick form within application. The form is quickly forwarded to a local social services facility, so they deliver the goods to citizens in quarantine.
The delivery is an important facilitation for citizens, as they can not leave the house for any reason.


Our application is used by many satisfied clients.

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