Why TakeTask?

We solve the problem of organising and monitoring the work of deskless workforces. How can you benefit from it?
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Your goal - Consistent execution!


  • Familiar with changing guidelines
  • Complies with standards
  • Fulfils duties on time
  • Reports accurately & completely
  • Adapts to feedback


  • Receive real-time reporting
  • Give immediate feedback
  • Base decisions on high quality data

Why you fall short?

Employees struggle with

  • Different formats and channels of communication
  • Lack of task notifications and prioritisation
  • Limited feedback from managers and colleagues
  • Lack of easy access to instructions and guidelines

What we enable?

For employees

  • Unified communication through tasks
  • Prioritised list of assignments
  • Instant feedback from managers
  • Trainings and guidelines linked with tasks

For managers

  • Easy and highly-customisable setup of processes - no IT support required
  • Efficient allocation of assignments
  • Objective verification of completed task
  • Transparent overview of task completion
  • Real-time access to high quality data


Higher sales

Lower stockout, planogram execution, promo implementation

Reduced losses

Regular cleaning, consistent temperature and expiration date checks

Customer satisfaction

Fresher foods, better stock availability, easy stock discovery

Work efficiency

Better communication and prioritisation of assignments

Faster execution

Accessible guidelines, automatic notification, easy reporting

Better decisions

Real time, higher quality, fresher data, ability to A/B test

Higher safety

Better awareness, less accidents, better COVID prevention measures


Connection to existing systems and sources (e.g. predictive maintenance)

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