FMCG retail

In-store marketing and merchandising, food safety, audits…

Promotions and merchandising

In-store marketing and merchandising processes facilitation. Employee receives detailed guidelines, reports task's execution, shares comments and receives faster feedback, all in one app. Real-time monitoring of tasks’ progress enables fast reactions regardless of managers’ location.
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Cleanliness and tidiness

Cleanliness and tidiness

Employees have a clear list of daily or weekly assignments like cleaning or opening and closing procedures. Additionally managers can create ad-hoc tasks for employees based on the current situation in the store (e.g. insect incident, broken product).

Food safety

Easy execution of regular procedures (e.g. HACCP reports) instead of paper checklists. Employees regularly receive reminders about data collection which ensures proper execution of procedures. All the data is instantly digitised with a time stamp and photo confirmation. Reports are available in real-time.

Planograms execution

Task assigned on regular basis and in critical moments. An employee takes a photo of the shelf, machine learning algorithms compare it with the planogram and give the feedback directly to the store employee in just a few seconds.


Regional managers' audits facilitation. Providing audit forms adjusted to each store individual layout and other circumstances (e.g. promotions). Each spotted problem is automatically trigerring a task for the store. It is also possible to convert your employees and clients into mystery shoppers.
Real-time overview of results

Real-time overview of results

Comprehensive overview of daily recurring and ad-hoc operations. Audits, self-audits and other tasks progress is displayed on clear dashboards showing execution level of store and other teams performance. Real-time monitoring of progress and compliance with the standards enables fast reactions regardless of managers’ location.

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