Digital checklists, real-time results and better data quality...

Digital checklists

Replacing paper forms with handy digital checklists that can be extended to complex surveys with internal logic and conditional questions. Our app can facilitate conducting audits or daily routines such as opening and closing procedures in retail.
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Real-time results & history

Real-time overview of both pending and completed tasks and easy access to the history of previous inspection results.

Better data quality

The collected data is more accurate and more reliable thanks to location confirmation, a time stamp and photos
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Data standardisation

Digitising your auditing processes ensures standardisation of all the audits. The data are more accurate and visualised on clear dashboards and charts for further analytics. By using TakeTask, managers have access to results in real-time. Data can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format.

Real life example: Retail store internal audit


Support and control of conducting objective internal audits by regional auditors in order to optimise the organisation’s operational activities.

After implementing TakeTask:

Introducing digital checklists for the regional auditors of their stores. Unified digitised forms facilitate carrying out regular audits in many different store locations. The audit procedure contains many elements such as the presence and location of marketing materials on the shop premises etc. Before the implementation of TakeTask all these tasks were performed manually on paper checklists.


Our application is used by many satisfied clients.

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