Merchandising and in-store marketing

Retention of store standards...

Retention of store standards

Maintaining the brand standards by implementing the new seasonal planograms with thorough instructions in each employee’s phone app.
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Replenishment and out-of-stock reporting

Replenishment of the out-of-stock items by getting daily tasks or from an integrated intelligent shelf system.

Marketing materials stocktaking

Facilitation of distribution and management of marketing materials (posters, flyers, wobblers etc.).
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Real life example: Visual Merchandising


Rollout of the assortment for one of the seasons in all stores in one day is challenging. TakeTask facilitates supplying of the marketing materials and its verification before the rollout. The app provides guidelines to each store referring to its individual layout and other circumstances and then makes sure about a new VM execution quality.

Each area manager is responsible for multiple geographically dispersed locations. Several forms of communication: e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS are integrated into one platform.

After implementing TakeTask:

Operational directors distribute tasks automatically to each store referring to its individual layout and other circumstances. Store employees report in real-time the placing of new items on the shelves, implementation of new VM elements and other current duties by photos, videos and completed forms. In one app employees can also share comments, report missing items and receive faster feedback. The whole process is registered and controlled on a constant basis, which minimises the possibility of false reporting. Real-time monitoring of tasks’ progress and compliance with the standards enables fast reactions regardless of managers’ location.


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