Technological advantages

Integration with advanced technologies (IoT, AI).
Application for Android and iOS. User-friendly interface.
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Data safety

Microsoft Technologies provide good adoption and security in corporations.
It is possible to choose from dedicated Azure cloud instance or own on-premise environment.

Your branding

White-label application with client’s branding – icon, name, colours and logo – which can be available on Google Play, App Store or by internal distribution.

Voice & SMS bot

Voice bots and SMS bots with location-based targeting enable interactive communication with customers, based on their data and location. The process is automated thanks to dynamic location-based voice communication with diverse customer conversation scenarios. The communication relates to a specific location close to the user (e.g. informs about a new product or order pick-up). The tool provides savings (due to limited call centre costs), additional sales, faster response time, availability 24/7 and mass scale (capacity of more than one million voice calls per day). It also does not require internet access or mobile applications from the customer.

External integration

Integration with technologies increasing usability: built-in OCR (ABBYY), EAN and QR code scanner (Scandit), Machine Learning based Real-Time Image Recognition, IoT integration, e-mail and SMS distribution platforms.

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