Enterprise Task Management for the Masses

Enable cloud-based task management at scale, across multiple locations, for any industry.

Simultaneously Assign, Execute and Verify Tasks Anywhere

Large businesses, from retailers to field services, often struggle to consistently execute task management at scale, due to false reporting or sub-optimal communications with deskless workers.

But now one cloud-based mobile application is enabling augmented reality (AR) task management that helps your staff in the field to avoid mistakes, report problems and work more efficiently.

Two Partners - One Task Management Solution

Any business can mobilize task management across the whole workforce with this combined solution, which seamlessly combines the advanced technology, expertise and capabilities of three specialists. And the partnership between TakeTask and Scandit makes it simple to achieve.

The results?
  • Optimized processes
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency
And all of this ultimately helps businesses to achieve operational excellence and boost employee satisfaction on the frontline. So what does each partner bring:


Businesses can scale and optimize operations with TakeTask’s cloud-based mobile application enabling the rapid creation and distribution of tasks by managers, and workers to execute, report completion and receive real-time feedback.


By enhancing mobile task management with Scandit’s powerful technology capabilities, businesses can innovate processes with data capture and augmented reality (AR), with enterprise-grade scanning assured on any smart device.

How Businesses Benefit

Retailers can speed up and simplify day-to-day tasks

With a mobile task management app and advanced data capture technology, retailers can consistently execute a number of tasks with speed, simplicity and visibility. Workflows from Promotion, Merchandising & Planogram execution to Cleanliness & Food Safety (HACCP), to Audit & Compliance can be effortlessly assigned and reported on.

Check out how retail tasks can be enhanced with computer vision and AR.

Field Service can increase operationale safety and effectiveness

Across any industry with field based workers, managers can quickly create and distribute tasks and employees can report their completion and receive feedback in real time – from fixed asset management, to maintenance, to work environment safety checks.

See how employees with smart devices empowered with AR-enabled apps can transform field service workflows with real-time information displayed on screen.

Top Reasons you need AR Enhanced Task Management

  • Speed up tasks and business processes with digital transformation.
  • Remove complexity for workers with simple, user friendly processes and eliminate human error.
  • Deploy on smartphones with assured scanning performance.  No expensive rugged devices needed.
  • Immediately scale tasks for peaks and high season.
  • Decrease time onboarding new staff and processes.
  • An application that is primed for your Private Azure Cloud Security.
  • Utilize an IOT Hub to automatically trigger your tasks for ultimate efficiency.

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