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TakeTask is a system to manage tasks when you have a geographically dispersed labour force or freelance partners working for you. You can communicate with them via the mobile application. Complex tasks can be preceded by in-app training.
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Drag & drop task generator

Create your new projects using our intuitive drag & drop web editor.
Build tasks with the help of blocks that illustrate which action is to be performed and in what order. Each action is individually configured.
Choose from up to 25 different types of actions within the mobile application and develop any process connected with areas such as auditing, training, sales and many more.
Preview your task in one of three modes (a diagram, action list and mobile view) in order to optimise you company’s workflow.

Tasks distribution

Define the task distribution, visibility and access requirements for your field employees. This approach not only allows you to automate the task distributions process, but also saves you valuable time.
Assign tasks to locations and specific geographic areas (eg. cities, countries), or individual users.
Define who can see the tasks (internal or external), defined groups of users, tags, profiles (eg. by gender, age, experience etc.), or previously completed tasks.
Define which in-app training you require before the user can engage in a specific task.

Mobile Application

Give your employees a user-friendly mobile application that requires no initial training before using it.
Available in Android and iOS.


TakeTask is a mobile application and an extensive management and reporting system.
Here are some of TakeTasks’s most important features:

20 types of actions

Use open or multiple-choice questions, taking pictures, product scanning, video recording and many more to gather the data you need.

Generator drag & drop

Create simple or advanced tasks with multiple conditions and paths.

In-app learning

Prepare quick training sessions where a user must watch a video, read a text, or pass a test before starting a specific task.

Online reports

Use real-time reports showing progress, preview project dashboards, check completed tasks and export data.


Take advantage of your branded application for your community (eg. employees, customers, partners).

On-premise or cloud

You can have the whole system on-premise (hosted on a public or private cloud), or on our Microsoft Azure cloud.

GPS location

Define where your tasks have to be performed by indicating a specific location or locations (eg. city, country).

Crowdsourcing outsourcing

Do you need to outsource some of your tasks? No problem. Just send a complete project to our community of thousands of independent users.

Payment &Tax

Do you not want to handle payments, labour tax and social insurance contributions? We do it automatically in the application.

Task preview in a generator

While creating a task in your web generator, you can preview it in the mobile application without launching the application on your phone. This preview allows you to instantly control and correct the flow of your tasks.
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Many paths and conditions

You can include many actions in order to build advanced business processes. An example may be a question which has three possible answers, and depending on which one the users choose, they are directed to different actions, or even to whole different paths in your task.

In-app trainings and tests

Need a quick training cycle for your employees, or a training session before completing your task? Imagine you are introducing a new product, new standards or new marketing schedule, and you want your sales representatives or external partners to learn about it. What you do is simply create a training task consisting of videos, graphics and texts. The task can also include a test if you require one. Next, you assign it to users, or link it to another task as prior training.

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TakeTask clients

These companies use TakeTask for research, audits or other tasks performed by their employees or independent TakeTask users


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