Do you need thousands of employees in the field by tomorrow?

Do you need to audit or send mystery shoppers to thousands of locations at any given time?
Do you need people to help you during sales peak, holidays or any time there is a staff shortage? Our community of thousands of TakeTask users is here to help.
Feel free to ask us a question!

What tasks can you outsource?

The scope of possible tasks is practically unlimited - tell us about your needs and we will try to fulfil them with our community of TakeTask users.

Below are the most common tasks we can help you with:

In-store audits

Check visibility, availability or prices at dispersed points of sale

Mystery Shopper

Control the standards of customer service, promotion and sales activities

Customer experience

Let customers inform you about their shopping or user experience

Temporary labour

Fill the labour gap during peak sales season, or due to other employees’ absence

In-store audits

Would you like to collect near-instant data concerning:
availability of products
• regular prices and ongoing special offers
availability of promotional materials
• shelf allocation against planograms
fulfilment of merchandising standards
• location of products (e.g. on shelves, around cash-register, on stands)
• photos of e.g. individual stores, shelves, refrigerators, billboards
Ask for an offer

Mystery Shopper

Allow hundreds of your customers to verify the standard of your customer service, including:
knowledge of the offer
employee work code
sales and promo activity
product recommendation
dealing with difficult customers
staff appearance and dress code

Customer experience

Create a panel of customers who share regular information with you about:
use of your products in everyday situations
shopping experiences and needs
how they interact with your brand
writing a diary in a specific area
sharing experiences gained in various contexts (e.g. in restaurants, parties)
testing new products and promotions

Temporary labour

Have you ever had to deal with a shortage of employees at a time when you need them most? We can help you by providing:
external sales or affiliation teams for your product
people to build your promo stands in different stores
staff to help you in the store or office for a specific period
HORECA staff during larger events

Possibilities of our Agents

The TakeTask app enables 25 types of activities within the tasks you created, with the most important being:

GPS location

Tasks can be performed in a specific location, e.g. in a selected city or region.

Photographic Documentation

Taking pictures on the spot. You can deny the use of the phone gallery ensuring that tasks are performed in a reliable way.

Sound recording

Sound recording can be activated within the task. Attaching a previously recorded file is blocked.

Video Recording

This ensures that the user knows the basics in order to perform the task properly.

Conditional tasks

Based on the answers, the user is directed to a selection of actions or whole groups of actions.

A training before starting a task

It ensures that the user possesses the right knowledge in order to perform the task properly.

TakeTask clients

These companies use TakeTask for research, audits or other tasks performed by their employees or independent TakeTask users


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